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Certified Wealth Strategist®

Hallmark Financial, LLC is proud to announce that Sherry Hall earned the Professional Designation as a Certified Wealth Strategist® Professional. The Certified Wealth Strategist® Designation indicates that Sherry is committed to working comprehensively with our clients to address all of their wealth management issues in a systematic, disciplined manner. Please read below the benefits of working with a Certified Wealth Strategist® Professional.

Every Certified Wealth Strategist® Professional:

  • Understands and uncovers the key wealth issues high net-worth clients face
  • Understands their clients’ situation, future, feelings, and family dynamics – the big picture of where they need to be – and helps to reconcile any gaps
  • Places these issues in the context of a wealth management strategy
  • Forms reasonable and logical opinions for addressing each set of issues and for bringing in appropriate resources
  • Acts as an emotional counselor, relying on a disciplined process to achieve client goals

A Certified Wealth Strategist® Professional:

  • Has the knowledge and skill sets needed to work with more complex client issues and better serve the high-net worth market
  • Is well versed in the finite number of key issues that must be addressed with all affluent and high-net worth clients
  • Has the competence to identify issues and assume the lead role in analysis with other experts as needed
  • Provides ideas, suggestions, and alternatives for addressing your specific issues
  • Is your “Trusted Advisor”

A Certified Wealth Strategist® Professional strives to help clients:

  • Create and grow wealth
  • Protect and preserve their wealth
  • Plan for the distribution of their wealth during life in the most tax-advantaged way
  • Plan for the distribution of their wealth at death in the most tax-advantaged way

13 Wealth Management Issues

  1. Investments
  2. Insurance
  3. Gifting During Life
  4. Titling of Assets
  5. Durable Power of Attorney
  6. Choice of Exector/Trustee
  7. Stock Options
  8. Liabilities
  9. QRP/IRA Distribution
  10. Business Succession Plan
  11. Charitable Gifting During Life
  12. Charitable Inclinations at Death
  13. Wealth Distribution at Death

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